Over an Acre, Includes Small Home, $137,000

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The Story

10 years ago, the owner bought two lots and built a caretaker’s house. His plan was then to build his dream home with his wife on the remaining space of his property.

Unfortunately the owner passed on right in the middle of this process and the property was sold.

It is now for sale again at a fire sale price that is essentially the price for two lots, but includes the small house.

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The owner originally paid $45,000 per lot (he bought two lots) 10 years ago.

Today the lots have water, electric and a 1-bedroom guest house with septic system and it all can be purchased for $137,000.

The lots alone are worth that.

Home Layout

The home is two stories and very small.

It was used as a studio where all the living space was on the top floor and the bottom floor was used for storage. The kitchen is ultra-basic and needs home appliances.

The bottom floor has a bathroom and is ready to be made into a full bedroom.

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Top Floor

The top floor is accessed from below at the front door after you walk down the entry hall to a spiral staircase leading upstairs.

The bathroom upstairs is a full bath

Bottom Floor

The first floor is mostly finished except floor coverings, electric switch covers, and lights. Depending on your needs, it could be easily made into a bedroom or kept as a place to store supplies while you build somewhere else on the lot.

There is a storage locker with a metal door, half bath and bedroom/open room on the first floor.

The spiral staircase in between floors

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Who is this house for?

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  • This is the perfect opportunity for those who want to get a great deal in a location that is definitely on its way to higher values.
  • If you want to have a place to stay on your land while you build your dream house, this is a great opportunity.
  • If you want an inexpensive investment property that has low overhead, this is a great opportunity.
  • If you want a small house to come and stay at on your surf vacation and plan on building in the future, this is a great opportunity.
  • If you want your garden on-site, this is a great opportunity.
  • If you want privacy and private hiking trails, but want to be close to restaurants, spas, and yoga.
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Highlights of this Property

There are reasons that this location shines vs. the competition.

It is away from the bustle of town that is susceptible to large swings in population as the town swells during tourist season. With this swell comes noise, dust, and throngs of people.

Casa San Juan’s location is away from all of that, positioned on a side of the mountain in the cooler air above the beaches where you can hike private trails that only you have access to on your own, almost like a traditional cabin in the woods.

Sit on your porch to watch the valley below and mountains in the distance while listening to the rainy season creek just at the edge of the property.

Or build a new place where you will get partial ocean views from your second story.

This property has the benefits of being very private like a large piece of land, but you don’t have to pay a large piece of land price.

When going to town, school, beaches, airport, it is not that far.

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Gateway to San Juan Mountains

This property is located on the edge of the San Juan Mountains.

The San Juan Mountains are a range of mountains that are located two ridges back from the ocean. They are higher than the mountains between them and the ocean, so they are cooler. But they are also a world unto themselves, even though the house is only 15 minutes from the beach. You can go the other way up higher into the mountains and have access to “Old Costa Rica,” little villages that just got electricity in the last decade where people live in the traditional way, working the land.

About 30 minutes up the mountain will take you to Zaragoza, a tiny little mountain town that is known for growing coffee.

The same road will take you to ancient burial grounds, waterfalls, rivers, hiking trails, and mountain bike trails. There are even some back roads that will take you to another beach area called Punta Garza, which is about 20 minutes away.

If you don’t like neighbors, but want easy access to what Nosara has to offer, you might very well love this property.

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Caption: Looking down on the property from up above on the road

What is the negative?

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Sure, that is good, but what is the bad?

The property is located about 15 minutes from the beach up a fairly poor dirt road.

In Nosara, 15 minutes is pretty far from the beach.

But guess what?

Road crews are working on fixing the road right now. It turns out the government of Costa Rica has determined that the road that accesses this property is needed as an emergency exit from the town of Nosara.

So what does this mean?

It means that the government has funded the road improvements and will maintain it enough to allow an ambulance to get to the city of Nicoya where the nearest hospital is located. It will still be a dirt road, but the road is about to be the best it ever was.

So the negative of the road is about to get a whole lot better.

The other obvious negative is that there are no amenities within walking distance; you have to drive to restaurants, stores, the beach, surfing, yoga, etc.

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Caption: The property just barely views sunset over the ocean

Distances to…

  • 7 minutes to local airport
  • 9 minutes to grocery store
  • 10 minutes to the Del Mar Private School
  • 16 minutes to Guiones beach to surf
  • 15 minutes to restaurants of Guiones
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What the house comes with

The house does not come with much.

It was just painted inside and out; the previous owner used the top floor as the living space. The first floor is not quite finished, the floor is still concrete, but the walls and ceiling are done. A bed frame comes with the house.

Other than that you can see from the pictures that the house is pretty bare.

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Reserve It Now

Don’t miss out! Reserve your lot with a $1,000 deposit and visit in the next 30 days.

*If you visit and decide the home is not right for you, your money will be refunded, no questions asked.

Here’s what the reservation form looks like.

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Have a question? Let us know here.

Let us know if you want to talk about reserving this property for 30 days. Come on down and check it out.

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